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Dubuque County Court Records

In Dubuque County, court records detail all legal proceedings held within the county. These records include transcripts, tapes, warrants, subpoenas, complaints, petitions, sentences, indictments, and letters of appeal. The maintenance of court records in Dubuque County, Iowa, upholds the public's trust in the judicial system. It safeguards personal and private information, encourages judicial officers to prioritize integrity and fairness, and enhances the overall administration and functioning of the courts.

Are Court Records Public in Dubuque County?

Yes. Per the Iowa Open Records Law, court records are generally considered public and accessible for viewing and copying unless otherwise specified by legal statutes.

However, certain records are restricted from public access by law. These include dissolution of marriage, juvenile, mental health-related, sealed, domestic abuse, and expunged court records.

Dubuque County Court Records Search

Dubuque County's judicial system establishes specific procedures for disseminating court records. Inquirers can conduct a Dubuque County court search in person at the clerk's office in the courthouse where a case originated or by utilizing mail, phone, or online channels of request.

Dubuque County Court Records Search by Name

The Iowa judicial system offers three search options for researchers seeking Dubuque County court records, one of which is a search by name. This search can be conducted through the state's online database, which provides court records for all counties, or individuals can visit the courthouse in Dubuque County for in-person searches.

Within the state's case management system, individuals can conduct either a normal or advanced search. The normal search is free, while the advanced search requires registration and subscription fee payment. The advanced search offers detailed and current information that is unavailable through a routine search. Please note that subscribers are limited to 1000 searches annually per user and can only access case dockets, not the actual documents.

Those who choose to visit the courthouse in person can do so during business hours to utilize the public terminal provided in the court or seek assistance from the clerk.

Individuals seeking copies of Dubuque court records will incur a charge of $1 per page for regular copies and $2 per page for certified copies. Requestors only need to provide the name of the record's subject.

Dubuque County Courts

The Dubuque judicial branch consists solely of the District Court, which functions as both the Trial Court and District Court for counties beyond Dubuque. This court holds jurisdiction over civil, criminal, juvenile, small claims, and probate matters within the county. The address is as follows:

Dubuque County District Court
720 Central Avenue
P.O. Box 1220
Dubuque, Iowa 52004
Phone: (563) 589-4418

Dubuque County Superior Court Case Search

Dubuque County does not have a superior court within its judicial branch. Instead, the District Court fulfills the superior court's adjudicative function and serves as the trial court. Searches for corresponding cases can be conducted at the office of the district court recorder where the case was heard.

Individuals interested in conducting a trial court case search can visit the office of the district county court recorder in person, as indicated in the aforementioned address. Alternatively, they can submit an inquiry via email to or contact (563) 589-4418

Both general and registered users can perform an online trial court case search by providing the first and last names of the parties involved, along with other details such as the docket number, short case title, and the date of filing.

Dubuque County District Court Records

The Dubuque District/Trial Court functions as both the county court and the district court for the region, hearing a variety of cases, including small claims, eviction, light misdemeanors, juvenile matters, probate, dissolution of marriage, and serious misdemeanors/felonies. With multiple judges presiding over different cases within its jurisdiction, this court plays a crucial role as the sole court serving these purposes.

Individuals interested in accessing court records from this court can conduct online or in-person searches to locate records maintained by the court.

Dubuque County Criminal Records

Dubuque County criminal records are compiled from arrest data collected by the Criminal Justice Agency and the Judicial Branch. The Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) manages these records, which are accessible to the public via mail, fax, in-person visits, and online requests.

To facilitate the search for Dubuque County criminal records, inquirers must provide specific details such as the individual's first and last name, gender, date of birth, maiden name, and social security number, along with a fee payment of $15.

In-person and online visitors must complete and submit the Division of Criminal Investigation check and billing form to obtain criminal records within two to five working days. While online visitors can submit the form electronically, those visiting in person must provide a hard copy of the form during working hours at the following address:

Division of Criminal Investigation
215 East 7th Street
Des Moines, Iowa

Visitors conducting an in-person visit can also immediately obtain a copy of criminal records by presenting a state-issued identification card photo to the Division of Criminal Investigation.

Additionally, individuals can conduct a criminal record search by completing the record check and billing form and sending a copy of the document to the Division of Criminal Investigation by mail, fax, or United States mail.

Furthermore, individuals seeking access to Dubuque County arrest records, including court dispositions, can inquire with the sheriff's office or the police department.

Dubuque County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Dubuque offers various avenues for individuals to access Dubuque County criminal case dockets, combining online and in-person resources. At the same time, criminal case documents require physical retrieval.

  • Online searches for criminal court case dockets are facilitated through the Iowa Courts Online case management database. The search process can be simplified by specifying Dubuque County and criminal records.

  • On-site access: Dubuque County court cases can be examined using the public access terminals found in county courthouses. Alternatively, individuals can enlist the assistance of the clerk of the court to locate a criminal court case by supplying the necessary details of the case. This collaborative approach ensures efficient access to the required information.

Individuals are permitted to inspect records at no cost under the oversight of the court clerk. However, obtaining copies of the records will incur charges. The fee is determined based on the number of pages, with a per-page charge, as well as additional expenses such as postage fees and staff time. The clerk will calculate the total fee and communicate it to the requester. This process ensures transparency in the fee assessment and provides requesters with a clear understanding of the costs associated with obtaining copies of the records. However, requesters are allowed to contest the fees.

Residents who want to do so can send a letter or an email to

Administrator at:
State Court Administrator
Iowa Judicial Branch Building
1111 East Court Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50319

How To Get Dubuque County Civil Court Records

The clerk of the court is responsible for maintaining and overseeing Dubuque civil case records. Members of the public seeking Dubuque County civil records can review the Iowa case management database or visit the physical location. It is important to note that, similar to criminal case documents, only dockets are accessible through this medium. An in-person visit is required to access case documents.

It is noteworthy that there is just one court in the county that manages all trial cases. Visitors can visit the courthouse to inquire with the clerk about locating civil court records or utilize the available public terminal computers for the search. Conducting a case I.D. search would yield a more targeted result.

Dubuque County Family Court Records

The District Court in Dubuque has jurisdiction over family law cases, such as divorce, legal separation, probate, child support, guardianship, and domestic violence. The clerk of the county court is responsible for managing and distributing the case files related to family law cases heard in this court. It is important to emphasize that while case dockets are accessible remotely, the case documents are unavailable online.

A visit to the courthouse is necessary for individuals interested in accessing paper or electronic copies of these files. Access to the full case files can be obtained via the public terminal, or individuals can request inspection of the available Dubuque County family court records. When making this request, providing the name of a party, the case number, or other pertinent details is essential for file retrieval. Additionally, it is important to note that not all family court records are accessible to the public, as some are confidential and can only be accessed by authorized individuals. While inspection of documents is free of charge, obtaining a copy incurs a fee.

Dubuque County Dissolution of Marriage Records

Generally, Dubuque County dissolution of marriage records encompass all divorce records documented within the county. These records, akin to those of cases filed with the court, are under the care of the clerk of the District court. Accessible records, available to the public, can be obtained online via dockets or in person at the courthouse.

Dubuque County Marriage and Divorce Records

Dubuque County Marriage Records are overseen by the Recorder, while divorce records are managed by the clerk of the court.

Individuals seeking a Dubuque County Marriage Certificate can initiate the process by contacting the Recorder's office. Requests can be submitted via mail, accompanied by a notarized signature and a copy of I.D. To do this, applicants must complete and submit the "Application to Order an Iowa Vital Record".

If the requester opts to visit the office in person, the same process applies, with submissions and payments made on-site. Mailed requests should be addressed to:

Dubuque County Recorder
720 Central Avenue
P.O. Box 5001
Dubuque, Iowa 52004-5001
Phone: (563) 589-4434

The fee for a certified copy is $15, payable by cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards. All checks and money orders should be made payable to Dubuque County Recorder. Marriage records dating back to 1839 are available.

Note: only close family members are permitted to order a certified copy of a marriage record in Dubuque.

Alternatively, residents can view dockets of accessible Dubuque divorce records online via the court's website. Those who prefer not to utilize the public terminal can contact the court clerk at the courthouse.

Dubuque Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records in Dubuque constitute part of Dubuque County's vital records and are not considered public until 75 and 50 years after the incident, respectively. Those authorized can obtain these records from the Dubuque County Recorder's Office or the Iowa Department of Public Health. Certified copies are available for $15, with payment accepted in the form of checks, cash, money orders, or credit cards (please note that credit card payments may incur an additional processing fee). Records are available from 1880 to the current date. However, specific birth and death records are not accessible, such as birth records from 1921 to 1941 and death records from 1904 to 1907 and 1917 to 1941.

Members of the public may seek a birth or death certificate for various purposes, including supporting legal claims and using birth records for identification.

Requests for Dubuque County birth or death certificates can be submitted by mail or in person, following a similar process to obtaining a marriage certificate.

Additionally, the Iowa Department of Public Health provides an online guide for individuals seeking state-level birth or death certificates.

Dubuque County Probate Court Records

Probate cases in Dubuque are overseen by the District Court within the county, with the court clerk responsible for maintaining the related records. These cases pertain to inheritance, wills, estate distribution, and guardianship matters and are addressed during probate court hearings.

Inquirers seeking Dubuque County probate court records can locate the docket on the Iowa judicial system's website.

Dubuque County Property Records

Dubuque County property records are part of the county's public records. They can be accessed through the local government GIS web tool via the Assessor's web page or the county's official website. This tool allows individuals to access property records specific to Dubuque County using the local search function. To do so, select the state and enter the county area (Dubuque) before clicking the search button. Various search options are available, including address search, advanced address search, parcel I.D. search, or a DBA search.

Residents seeking further information can visit the office during working hours to speak with staff. In-person and mail requests may be addressed to:

Assessor - Dubuque County
Dubuque County West Campus
1225 Seippel Road
Dubuque, IA 52002
Phone: (563) 589-4432

Ideally, a Dubuque property search would yield information about properties within the county, providing details about their ownership, value, location, and physical characteristics.

Dubuque County Court Records Online

Individuals seeking court records can explore private site court record service providers like Third-party sites typically gather resources from various government agencies and compile the documents for public access, often for a fee. Members of the public looking for Dubuque County court records can conveniently access such documents remotely through these private platforms. To initiate a search, one may pay a fee per search, subscribe to a plan, create a user account, and provide the subject's name.

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